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Put your BEST Holiday face' forward!!!

Absolutely, the Christmas holidays are upon us- Again- RIGHT??!! Might as well make sure your skin is on point. I know we're all going to be invited to some kind of holiday party, office party, or just having company over, and you're the hostess. Putting your best skin forward is a noble statement to make when you've been taking care of your skin. We all get bogged down with everyday life, and situations, but when you can still stay on track and still do your skin routine, that is definitely to be commended.

During the holiday season, some of us may use a little makeup, or maybe a lot-whatever your preference is. The main thing is having that blank canvas underneath that is smooth and soft to the touch. this helps your foundations and powders go on nicely, without a lot of tugging and harsh motions on the already gently skin texture. I love a good lash, even though I just cannot do falsies to save my life. I basically stick with my favorite mascara, and call it a day. The lips help save the day!!! When you are going for that nude look

on the eyeshadow, and not too much of anything else, then you gotta make sure those lips are Popping'!!! It's the seal of the deal for any occasion, but especially the holidays.

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