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About me

I am all about having the healthiest hair and skin I can. I invite you to come along for the ride.  I've always had dry and cracked cuticles. I bought the lotions, and the creams, and other oils, but none got me the results I was aiming for. So I, myself, started mixing my own oils, and for 9 months did research to see what oils and body butters would combine with each other to get the best result.


I knew I did not want to use a lot of products. Eventually, I came up with the right combination and learned the benefits of each oil. After careful measurements, and testing, VOILA! I had done it. I had created my very own Natural Oil Blend, How about that?? I wasn't giving up on myself. Now I want to share it with you, and allow you to experience for yourself. I have been business minded, and Love helping others, whether you are a little person, or adult.

I owned an in-home daycare for 24 years, so I understand most parts of business, and I say most, because we are learning a new cause and a new law everyday. My mindset has just shifted into the Beauty realm. We want Lovejoy Naturals to be at the forefront of all beauty conversations. 

Our products are made with the aging woman in mind. We want you to be educated, and not give up on your skin care as the years go by. We will get older, but we don't have to look it. We teach you how to achieve and embrace your BEST skin. Be proud of the skin you are in, especially when you are doing all you can to keep it up to par. We pride ourselves in offering Great products that get positive results. 

Our products are made with natural ingredients,  but some are not All NATURAL yet we will say you get supreme products. . We hide nothing from you as the consumer.  Most of what is in our products, you can certainly spell and pronounce.

We Thank you in advance for taking a chance on us, and sharing the Good news with friends and family. 

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