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Dreamer' body oil

Dreamer' body oil


'Dreamer'- That is the name, because that  is who our daughter Diont'e was. She spoke often of what she wanted for herself and her 6 kids, but it seemed she thought she was going in circles, and not fulfiling her dreams, goals and visions fast enough, as we  all may think sometimes.

Diont'e passed away in a car accident on December 24th, 2018. She was 34 years old,and  she  left us her 6 Beautiful kids!! WE Thank God daily for those blessings. 

She was a beautiful person, and we miss her so much. God spoke to me about this oil, and I formullated the scent from a little help from a friend, I critiqued it, and now it is all yours! It is the Pure Essence of who Diont'e was. Soft, with a slight whisper to it. Powdery scent. Infused is a berry scent with a romantic side to it as well. Very Feminine and clean with a  touch of Bergamont that will greet your senses. Just imagine floral blossoms and just a classy beauty of an oil.

 Elegantly packaged in this Hunter Green bottle with sprayer or flip top nozzle closure. Easy to apply and set your skin all a GLOW. 

 A portion of the proceeds go toward her kids present and future needs and endeavors. Blessigs

Ingredients- Water, olive oil, grapeseed oil, argan ol, jojoba oil, vitamin e, fragrance oil

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