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WATERMELON face/body scrub-8oz.

WATERMELON face/body scrub-8oz.


Imagine this!! an already Awesome scrub for the face and body that smells like Watermelon. Steam your shower up with this Great smelling scent. Leaving your body so soft, so hydrating and oh so Smooth. So now you may just have Another favorite. these are contagious.
Your pampering day will supersede everything else.

Ingredients- Coconut oil, sea salt(finely ground) argan oil, fragrance

  • Details

    Formulated so well, you won't even need a moisturizer for at least one day. How time saving is this? one less thing to have to do, but feel free to do so.
    The Watermelon fragrance oil will be a very nice compliment to this scrub.
    careful, slippery, so be sure to be in tub or shower.
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