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GLOW GALORE face cleanser- 8oz.

GLOW GALORE face cleanser- 8oz.


Well  Beauties, you all had been asking so here we have it!! Our GLOW GALORE face cleanser is finally here. All natural and delivers direect results we are sure you are looking for.  This cleanser brightens the skin allowing it to look more healthy, vibrant an alive. Skin feels tighter as soon as you apply. You won't feel the need to apply your toner or night moisturizer, but please do.

This product also rids the skin of the day's free radicals, and harmful effects of the enviornment, giving a clean, fresh and pure canvas.  You'll look in the mirror after application, and be in disbelief that your skin is so Soft, and baby bottom touchable. 

Ingredients- Castille gentle soap, glycerin, argan oil, jojoba oil, lemon essential oil

  • Detail Info.

    Be Mindful-If very sensiive skin-please test on small area of body first.

    INGREDIENTS----Baby Mild Castille soap, contains coconut oil,

    Argan oil- for the vibrance of the skin.

    Jojoba oil- helps the product absorb into the skin.

    Glycerin- helps soothe in the product to allow for even distribution throughout product.

    Lemon essential oil for a heavenly scent. 


    Available in a Huge clear 8 oz. bottle with press pump, which allows you to see all the Goodness inside.  A little goes a LONG WAY!!


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